MIMA – Building a brand of Virgin airline

Great MIMA event (as usually) with insights into understanding of the consumer rather than just irresistible interactive tactics…

Airline is positioned to differentiate from category with the attempt to “reinvent travel” and generate buzz… Considered itself as a consumer champion (differentiation on customer service in the industry that is not typically emphasize this aspect).

Brand promise is more experience for the same price.  Plaines are designed differently – for the comfort of the passengers.

First airline to have WiFi – as a result passengers are more online and on the social media discussing their experience.

Passengers experience is deliberately designed.  Headphones were designed by the airline to be a desireable product – people are continuing to use headphones in health clubs and even other airlines.  Great – the more use of the branded product that consumers love…

Promotion – partnership with entertainment.  Curious – media engagement is measured in impressions??  what seem to be rather irrelevant in this environment… From another side, maybe this is done to demonstrate a value (or in an attempt to describe something what can not be easily described)?

Social media is considered important – 3 people manage social media for the airline. Business is considered as “connection with people.”   Social media endeavours are planned by a committee of several people including representatives of marketing, consumer relationships, etc. This is interesting – social media does not have to “find a home” – which is decided between IT, PR, and any other form of corporate function…

Another curious observation – a belief that experience in the cabin (literally interaction with the product) is more important than deliberately setup loyalty programs…  Hm… we might be coming to the age when marketing is truly moves upstream and become incorporated into the product… Hotels are investing into beds and airlines providing WiFi…

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