MIMA – Staff that doesn’t work properly: how technology changes the nature of advertising

Enlightening presentation – it probably was one of rare presentations that attempted to explain the trend rather than pose more questions.

Faris Yakob (@faris),  the former Chief Technology Strategist at McCann Erickson NYC, described probably most “strategic” and systematic approach to current changes (or the current state of constant change).  He started from the definition of technology…

If new job titles appear, the industry is trying to accommodate a change it can no longer ignore. What was “Chief Technology Strategist”?  Though “chief” and “strategist” are understandable, the definition of “technology” is not quite clear. The word “technology” is evolving.

Technology is Imagineering…

Technology is “staff that does not work yet”

We perceive new technology differently in different times of our lives:

  • Technology existing when we are born – “just exist.”
  • Technology appearing when we are 0-30 years old – “very exciting and interesting.”
  • Everything that happens in the world after we are 30 years old – “against the natural order of things and beginning of the end of the civilization.”


Our focus should be not on “emerging technologies” but on “emerging cultural practices.”

Henry Jenkins



Some of the implications of the increasing speed of technological change:

  • “Passive Massive”
  • “The future is already here, it is just not evenly distributed”
  • Generations became smaller based on the approach to technology
  • Why things seem to be moving faster? Because they are…
  • Only when something becomes cheap, it becomes transformational…
  • Technologies become socially interesting when they are finally technologically boring…

Digital content is not a product; it is a process…   How should we approach this change?

We should think as a dandelion…

Dandelion reproductive strategy: to invest little in each individual “offspring” and allow the wind – a free resource – to carry seeds to new “opportunities.”  Human reproductive strategy: to invest a lot in a few offsprings  and hope that they will be also successful benefitting from this investment.

Advertisement strategy (old): invest into an expensive commercial… and hope it will be successful. Considering that digital content behaves differently, creating many inexpensive opportunities to succeed could be more beneficial – it is impossible to predict what will succeed, we can just manage the cost…

Cultural Latency

“Diminished cultural latency means that the propagation of information is so fast that the spread itself becomes the defining aspect of the system: the rate-of-spread becomes as important as the information itself.” Faris Yakob

Google will fix it for us if we will not 😉

A quick glance into the future… Forsquare is the new Twitter…


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