Scribd, Docstoc, and Compare by UberVU – Monday Update

Three interesting tools caught my attention:

Scribd – this is a YouTube or SlideShare for documents. Curious – Scribd has quite a few categories and a very robust search.  “Social Media ROI” search returned a great presentation on the topic that is also present on SlideShare.  Scribd is probably one more place where a company can place its materials (particularly for b-to-b)  beside traditional YouTube and SlideShare route.

Scribd uses Flash to present the documents, but has a work-around for iPhone (though iPhone site is not as pleasant as the regular site).

Docstoc – is also a document sharing/posting site, similar to Scribd.  Docstoc does not use Flash for presenting the documents and iPhone experience is much better (though the Docstoc does not have a designated mobile site).  I tend to like layout and functionality of Scribd a little more, but its reliance on Flash (what makes documents look so good) might be an issue.

Based on Compete,  Scribd has a little lead currently, but its popularity trending down over the last year.

I added Scribd and Docstoc to my NetVibes resources.

Compare by UberVU is now considered social media “compete” – it allows to compare social media activity for two brands (keywords).  Similar to Compete, it teases the free user with almost on the fingertips information available with the upgrade.

I definitely added this tool to my NetVibes collection.


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