Going Mobile – i612

“if you think your audience not mobile, you are most likely wrong.”

Companies need to start now to learn and be ahead of the competition  in the months ahead.

Fundamental principle that is often overlooked:
Marketers need to concentrate not on cell phones, but on consumers who are mobile and build programs and promotions to help these consumers.

Brands need to define target audience, understand its challenges and find a way to be useful. Example: SitOrSquat application – a bathroom locator with reviews – created for Charmin. The application offers utility to its users and provided by not intrinsically engaging brand. The database of available bathrooms was easier to find than encourage consumers to provide reviews.
Another interesting note: it is much easier to capture consumers’ phone numbers than e-mail addresses via mobile… The reason might be difficulty of typing e-mail addresses on our tiny keyboards.

Going into a campaign it is important to define what are you trying to learn.

Mobile advertising: important not to drive consumers to the “normal” site; even more important is to make sure that consumer can accomplish promoted action on the landing page


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