Politics and Social Media – Social Media Breakfast

The event attracted more marketers than journalists or politicians and was useful for all. 😉

Journalists covering political campaigns had the same perception of social media “I have to do it.” Though they agreed that it was not true even a year ago.

From the journalist’s perspective, stories are now “compartmentalized” for specific channels: some are worthy a blog post, some can be added to Facebook, and some don’t warrant more than a Tweet.

Twitter is a Wild Wild West in political communication – voters are not afraid to ask questions. Twitter seemed to be the dominant force and concern among political campaigns and journalists because of its immediacy.

“You can do a lot of damage as a candidate in 140 characters.”

Changes brought up by social media:

  • commentary is live and immediate
  • Google Alerts and RSS are too slow (!) – Twitter does a better job
  • Blogs are “back-up documents” for Tweets
  • Information is not always sourced correctly – error issue

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