Iconoculture Consumer Trends for 2010 – AMA

Iconoculture analysis of consumer trends was a wonderful event to get an inspiration for the remaining of the year.

Main consumer values

  • Individuality
  • Community
  • Practicality
  • Creativity


Women and minorities demand more attention – gender dominates economy conversations.

Number of people defining themselves as more than one race has increased 33%.

Consumers feel they have a voice and demand more control over marketing message.

(Carrot mob example http://carrotmob.org/)


Unemployment and volatile changes encourage consumers to take more responsibility for their own health.   Example: http://www.bluezones.com/ The site is very interesting, suggesting that 70% of person’s longevity is under his/her control. The site openly suggest to eliminate fast food… brave.

Consumers are aware about transparent nature of social media and keep closer eye on their digital footprint.

Companies taking advantage of this trend (brilliantly):


Wisk created a Facebook application helping personal reputation management. “With WISK-IT you can find tagged and untagged photos in your friends’ albums and ask them to wash them away.”

Milk and Honey bars restrict use of social media and require its members consider everything heard at the bar “off the record.”

Mark Monitor is a b-to-b business that exploited the same trend.

“MarkMonitor Managed Services help corporations identify and respond to online brand threats through automated monitoring, research, expert analysis and rapid, prioritized response recommendations”


Conservation of resources (for example water) is moving from “environmentally friendly” to “practical.”

Indulgence offsetting: sin is in as long as its balanced by something positive/practical. Example: “five” ice-cream (ice-cream created with only five all-natural ingredients).


Collaboration between consumers and brands: “If I buy your product, I hope you listen to me.” Crowd sourcing from the perspective of companies.


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