Though MinneDemo was targeted to technology enthusiasts, it had a few attractive nuggets for marketers too (beside meeting with friends and a delicious snack).

My observations:

  • Most projects  were targeted to niche markets (colleges reviewing young musicians, property managers posting jobs for contractors to bid, or politicians desperate to connect with voters over iPhone).
  • Most projects concentrated around connecting people or collaboration rather than performing a specific task.
  • If mobile platform was involved, iPhone was the platform of choice… This could be related to the audience;  iPhone users are more likely to be a desired customers for many businesses comparing to feature-phone users.

The most interesting demo (from a marketer’s perspective?  😉  ):

MileMarker – an online tool that helps organizations to log news projects,  evaluate their usefulness and feasibility, get feedback from customers or employees, and prioritize projects based on objective criteria.   Quite interesting tool!  The tool seem to be available on freemeum basis and should not be out of reach for small teams.

What I found the most impressive:  automatically created visual chart of projects based on their usefulness/feasibility.

Another curious tool: WebSlide – another online tool designed to show clients creative work (web design particularly) in an easily understandable format. This tool can be useful for agencies and internal web design groups of large organizations.

List of all demo URLs (from the latest presentation and previous events)


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