Trying Google Social Search – Monday Update

Oh, yes, iPad jokes were hilarious, and reading the sentiment analysis of Apple announcement compared to public reaction to the State of the Union Address was perplexing (State of the Union address received less buzz, but the buzz was proportionally more positive).

However, Google social search was probably a more immediate change in the interactive marketing universe. This development  might put more emphasis on “the three Fs of interactive marketing” again: number of friends, fans, and followers.

The social search became available for everybody who was willing to create a Google Profile with links to social networks. Now, searching Google would return not only the most relevant results available, but also the most relevant results from the searcher’s network.  As a result, a new blog post by the company that has more connections will be more likely found  by… those connections…

Google announced the change on its blog and Website Magazine mentioned the search marketing implications.

Of course, I had to see how it was working.  Unfortunately, searching on any marketing topic gave me no results (wasn’t all my friends talking about their industry?? 😉  )…  However, searching for “party” gave me a result from my social circle… (aha, this is what everybody has in mind…  ).

We cannot expect immediate adoption of Google Profiles, but the future of search looks more social and “the three Fs of interactive marketing” will probably become more important – soon.

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