MIMA – Embracing Mobile Marketing: Generating ROI with the Integrated Approach

As usually, very informative event,  wonderful resource for future  educational opportunities,  excellent chance to meet old and new friends, and… have I mentioned the food?  🙂

A few notes from Michael Becker’s presentation that were especially interesting, new to me, or so much loved that I can not refrain from reiterating them again:

  • Developing countries are achieving very high (up to 100%) penetration of mobile – much higher penetration than  PCs
  • Because mobile reqires permission, other channels need to be involved (a web site or DM to collect opt-ins, etc.)
  • Mobile has a role in every stage of the customer’s life cycle
  • We are managing not brands, but “brand clouds” created with customers’ participation
  • Why are we talking about mobile marketing now? Because it works… 39% in US no longer have land line phone (this percentage is higher in other countries)
  • Mobile penetration excides Internet
  • Mobile is not just a phone:  text 60%, e-mail 21%, video 3%, web 21% (but 90% for iPhone)
  • Age affect use of the mobile device
  • Only 17% have smartphones, iPhone is 3.5% of the market
  • Ethnicity is important: Hispanics often have high-end mobile devices, blacks don’t have this tendency. This is a very interesting (and new for me) point, though I also heard that blacks have more interest to ring tones than whites.
  • Some subsections of the market are completely addicted to mobile 😉

Three approaches to mobile marketing:

  1. Mobile as direct (Mobile is a personal media and “we all are becoming direct marketers”)
  2. Mobile-enabled cross-media marketing (most likely our beloved integrated campaigns ~Vanessa)
  3. Mobile as a product or service (mobile banking, mobile apps, etc.)

What is working in mobile marketing:

  • Getting information from your customers on their mobile use and adjust marketing programs accordingly
  • Text messaging-based loyalty programs
  • Mobile coupons (redemption of paper capons increases if there is a reference to mobile)
  • If no mobile shopping method is available for the business “click to call” can be successfully used
  • Augmented reality integration (superimposing bars to the camera image)
  • Generally: voice, SMS, Mobile Web – the rest is niche market
  • Important: companies that get ROI from mobile integrate mobile efforts into general marketing strategy
  • B-to-B is not as active as B-to-C; all known efforts concentrated on communication during conferences
  • Mobile is developing quickly in health care; good resources to investigate are mHealth  Alliance and mHealth Initiative


iLoop Mobile – Mr. Becker is VP Mobile Strategies for iLoop Mobile, the industry’s leading mobile marketing solutions provider and winner of the 2007 MMA Innovation of the Year Award.  The company also sponsors College of Mobile Marketing

College of Mobile Marketing – great resources of free resources, classes, and other information useful for mobile marketers; sponsored by iLoop Mobile

Mobile Marketer – I have been subscribing for Mobile Marketing Daily – the newsletter associated with Mobile Marketer and found it quite useful.  The newsletter has rather detailed descriptions of some mobile campaigns invaluable for marketers new to the medium.

MMA – Mobile Marketing Association – I must admit I found this association about three years ago and was receiving a newsletter for a while. Unfortunately, the organization does not have a local group, and membership seem to be targeted to companies rather than individuals.

Mobile Twin Cities – a free to attend local group dedicated to mobile. I am still planning to attend an event in person, but hope this group will grow into a place where mobile marketers can come together.  The group welcomes non-technical attendees.

mHealth Alliance –  UN Foundation  “The Alliance will act as an umbrella organization to complement, draw together and expand upon the mHealth initiatives of multiple organizations around the world. ”

mHealth Initiative –  mHealth Initiative Inc (mHI), a not-for-profit organization incorporated in Massachusetts, USA, envisions the emerging mHealth Revolution.

Recommended book:  Mobile as 7th of the Mass Media: Cellphone, cameraphone, iPhone, smartphone by Tomi Ahonen If you are not familiar with the book’s author, his presentation Mobile Phones: The Next 4 Billion with Tomi Ahonen is available for review – very insightful and engaging!  The presentation highlights mobile differences and explains why the rate of adoption of mobile devices will be wider and faster than the rate of adoption of computers. I probably already twitted too much about it 😉

And have I mentioned the food?  Excellent event and a delicious snack!

Did I forget any mobile marketing resources while taking full advantage of this fruit extravaganza?


One thought on “MIMA – Embracing Mobile Marketing: Generating ROI with the Integrated Approach

  1. Excellent post on embracing mobile marketing, the truth of the matter is the creating of a trusted relationship between your company and your customers is the best way to generate ROI when implementing a new mobile marketing strategy. People are much more willing to participate in SMS based campaigns when you provide them with the tailored information they are looking for, whether it be mobile coupons or specific product information. At Globaltel Media we’ve seen particular interest from our retail customers to be able to provide specific product details and mobile couponing to their customers remotely. By providing customers with on the spot information about products, retailers are able to build a bond and level of trust with customers, increasing the chances of purchase and brand loyalty. It’ll be exciting to watch how mobile technologies continue to advance in retail to help customers make educated purchases. Thanks again for the post!

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