Excellent Mobile Marketing Presentation and Mobile Marketer of the Year Campaigns – Monday Update

The next week will be a mobile marketing week 😉  I am hoping to attend two mobile events:  Mobile Twin cities (it might be closer to mobile development – we will see) and MIMA’s   Embracing Mobile Marketing: Generating ROI with the Integrated Approach.

As an unplanned preparation for these too events, I came across a couple of interesting sources last week:

Mobile Phones: The Next 4 Billion with Tomi Ahonen

An eye-opening presentation, where  Tomi Ahonen  highlights mobile differences and explains why the rate of adoption of mobile devices will be wider and faster than the rate of adoption of computers.

Tomi Ahonen has a very interesting argument about the screen size: if screen size would matter, a movie theater would be preferable to TV.  I highly recommend listening to this presentation (and probably already twitted too much about it 😉  ).

Ralph Lauren is 2009 Mobile Marketer of the Year

This is a Mobile Marketer article with wonderfully described examples of integrated marketing including web, mobile, retail, QR and probably everything imaginable.

Yes, you can scan QR code right from the screen and be redirected right to Ralph Lauren mobile site.  😉