Word Clouds, Dashboard Example, SEO for Video, and More – Monday Update

A few interesting interactive marketing resources that caught my attention last week:


This fun tool allows creating beautiful Word Clouds from any text (does product description emphasize right benefits?) or any blog or site with an appropriate feed. The tool can be useful for analyzing competing companies information quickly, or keeping an eye on our own 😉

The image below is the Word Cloud of Interactive Snack. Hm…  I did not realize that most of the events I recently attended were concentrating on Social Media… 😉

Interesting example of a dashboard (from trusted source)

The dashboard is excellent – it is concise, it demonstrates “state of the state” and links to more information if needed, and it represents trend in the most meaningful sense…  Up and down might be sometimes misleading, considering that “up” is perceived as always good, while left and right might be interpreted easier.

It is so clear that mortgage delinquencies is a major issue… and not yet getting better.

A resource for SEO for Video – Video SEO will be more and more important;  this link should become increasingly valuable.

Other interesting tools:

http://analyticsvisualizations.appspot.com (allows visualizations of keywords bringing traffic to a site set with Google Analytics – I tried one site at work – very interesting)

http://bar.meebo.com/ It now should be possible to add Meebo bar to a site (http://mashable.com/ has it now if you are interested)

http://www.openbrands.org/ an effort that is probably has similar idea as Brands in Public http://www.squidoo.com/brandsinpublic/hq , however, Open Brand can create an “unclaimed” location for our brands… which should be monitored, and maybe even claimed.

http://www.sensidea.com/socialseek/ an app allowing to search social content based on location (yes, I still cannot explain why I have not used it earlier… [guilty face goes here]).

Most of the resources were added to work NetVibes site and to my personal NetVibes site.

Why Monday Update?

For some time I was sending e-mails to my co-workers with a few absolutely irresistible tools I found during previous week. Sending e-mails every time I found something would… create too many e-mails.  I knew that a few of my co-workers did read Monday Update occasionally and found some information useful. However, the biggest fan of the Monday Update was its author – I loved reviewing interesting tools at the end of the week and play with them over the weekend. Eventually, I caught myself looking through “Recycling Bin” trying to locate my notes from two weeks ago…

There is a more convenient option!  Monday Update moved to Interactive Snack.

Now I will have an easy to find record of tools that caught my attention, and my co-workers will not see an extra e-mail Monday morning (while anybody can subscribe to Interactive Snack 😉  ).


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