MIMA – the Constant Challenge to Acquire and Convert

funnelThe presenters (John Barton and Tom Masterman) skillfully shared the stage and the presentation to highlight main marketing challenges: drive traffic incorrectly and measure success incorrectly.  They went to the basics of the conversion funnel (awareness, interest, and preference) and applied both objectives and measurement to each stage of the funnel.

Hopefully the presentation will be available in the event page – it would be useful to review.

Research and measurement are important at each stage of the conversion process.  All marketing funnels include:

  1. Targeting: what we know about the people
  2. Brand: what they know about us


Objective: knowledge about the company, product, or service

Measurement: page views… brand recall (if budget allows), fans, followers, number of video  comments

Interesting point: at this stage of the buying process companies might create content sections on their sites with information and resources attractive for certain segment of customers.

SEO as awareness…

Do not accept unfocussed targets or immeasurable social media


Objective: increase involvement

Research: learn more about your customers

Measurement: click through, submitted information

Interesting note: “response tail” for marketing to physicians is long (physicians could respond to the offer months after receiving the original communication – the offer page should still be available after a few months and relevant, if possible).

CRM dream: marketing should have not only prospect/customer information, but also to which messages the prospect/customer responded. Plan for data-driven relationship.


Objective: form relationship

Research: in-death knowledge about individuals

Measurement: intent to buy, purchases, repeat purchases


Other actionable ideas for marketers:

  1. Take customer service manager for lunch – learn about customers
  2. Take sales manager for drinks – learn about customers

(I must admit that accompanying sales rep on sales calls was one of most eye-opening experiences for me and helped understanding customers better)

One of the answers to the question from the audience recommended to spend time helping clients to understand what their goals are.. . oh that everlasting goal question ;- )