AMA – Social Media (now I love HootSuite…)

presenterThe event was quite interesting and at the end I was determined to invest more energy into understanding HootSuite used by the presenter. Now I am a fan! 😉 Goodbye good old TweetDeck…  

Highlights from the event:

  • hootlogo85% of consumers believe that a company should not only have a presence in the social media universe, but also interact with the consumers
  • 78% of those who are 45 – 60 years old are computer users… their top activity online is… dating.
  • Generation “net” – people born to the social networking world – is the first “global” generation; they can communicate as easily with pears anywhere in the networked world and consider it natural.
  • 90% of purchasing decisions are started on search engines
  • Social media: one engage follower worth 100 unengaged followers

The presenter uses HootSuite  because it allows managing multiple accounts and provides analytics. It also allows following others without leaving HootSuite (unlike TweetDeck).


HootSuite also has a built-in scheduling mechanism and “hootlet” allowing to tweet easier by clicking a browser button and modifying almost ready “tweet” with already shortened URL.


Interesting: if originated by Twitter, looks like traffic from Twitter in reports, but (HootSuite shortening) is a separate traffic source…

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