Social Media Breakfast at the Fair

Social-media-breakfastOK – I need to show up on the Social Media Breakfast with the device that allows participating in… social media 😉  We had quite interesting quiz, and I was right a few times!  Unfortunately, I could not twit the correct answer 😉  Next time… next time.

businesscard2One of the sponsors of the event introduced BusinessCard2  – an online form of a business card. I absolutely had to create my card , however, I am not sure how this new product would compete with LinkedIn, that already has most of the same information.

It is interesting to watch new web sites for creating business cards, online resumes, and online portfolios… My guess: LinkedIn smartly integrates other social networks (SlideShare, Blogs, documents, etc.) and can function as a “primary” resume/business card online. However, new, niche applications will probably continue to appear.

 Social-media-breakfast-mashAnother interesting note: though most professional job seekers are online, there is a difference between the places where specific demographic tend to look for a job. Younger demographic is more likely to start from Facebook – a more familiar social network than LinkedIn.

Though this event was fun and very appropriate for the Fair, I hope to see more traditional presentations or panels in the future.

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