groudswellAfter finishing the Groundswell book, I felt that I was the last person in the industry who read it… I heard so much about the book and even used POST concept in my own presentations for over a year. Now I can give a proper credit and express my admiration for the ideas in this wonderful work. 

The book has a very interesting classification of Groundswell technologies. I usually classified the technologies on the basis of their functionality (blogs/microblogs, video/images, bookmarking, and combination), I can now see that this classification is “backwards” it is based on the technology. The authors offer classification based on “how people use them and what they mean for you and your company.” groundswell-blog

  • People creating: blogs, user-generated content, and podcusts
  • People connecting: social networks and virtual worlds
  • People collaborating: wikis and open source
  • People reaching to each other: forums, ratings, and reviews
  • People organizing content: tags
  • Accelerating consumption: rss and widgets

However, the attempt to use Groundswell should not start from the technology…

 Evaluating new technology: evaluation should be based on relationships, rather than technology. “A tool that enables new relationships in new ways will catch on faster..”

  • Does it enable people to connect with each other in new ways?
  • Is it effortless to sign up for it?
  • Does it shift power from institutions to people?
  • Does the community generates enough content to sustain itself?
  • Is it an open platform that invites partnerships?

The social Technographics Profile is a very insightful tool


(the image represents results for my own demographic 😉  )

groundswell-siteThis is also the book that introduces the POST method that probably became ubiquitous in the industry’s conversations.

Exceptional book that was a pleasure to read!

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