Alphabet Bash 2009

Alphabet-BashThe Alphabet Bash  was as usually spectacular!  It was a unique opportunity to meet old industry friends and make need connections. The food exceeded all expectations!  The selection of desserts was beyond delicious…

This year registrations for the event exceeded 600, and at least 600 people came to Epic   for an evening of networking extravaganza. The event continues to grow, and will hopefully include more professional associations, more sponsors, and more attendees next year. 

I learned something interesting: I met a person who helps companies with their strategy for trade shows and events. She mentioned that many organizations can not articulate without help what exactly they want to accomplish. They know that they want “leads,” what is not enough for a successful event. I thought that even wanting “leads” was a giant step forward from what I often faced as an interactive marketer – people wanting “just a Web site.” Struggle to connect a business strategy with marketing tactics seems to be a universal phenomenon…  😉


Thanks to Greg Swan for posting a dessert picture on Flikr – next year I will approach the dessert table armed not only with a fork but also with a camera…


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