Twebinar – Twitter distraction or useful extension?

twebinar-titleToday I attended a Twebinar the first time and it was a very unusual experience. At first, I could not access the Twebinar at all, but then I realized that something might be not working in IE (am I the only dinosaur who uses IE occasionally?) and switched to Firefox. It worked! 😉

The Twebinar was on an interesting topic and was provided by Radian6, which I admire greatly. However, at first, I felt something was missing…  there was no image of presentation, or video… only twits… and audio. I felt a little disappointed and retweeted a question of somebody else wondering about the video.

I definitely missed some visual cues… and thought that I could send a few e-mails while listening to the audio…  not a good idea – I missed a few points. 😉


Twebinar advantage that I saw was the list of all participants’  Twitter contacts and linked web sites imported into the webinar – wonderful opportunity to connect to others.

However, the main Twebinar disadvantage (from my personal perspective) was the lack of anything visual (maybe unusual for Twebinars – I am just lucky 😉 ) and too many opportunities for destruction.  I usually have Twitter open during regular webinars (in the different window), but pay attention on it only when I need to ask a question, or something is wrong (or webinar’s information is not useful). The rest of the time, I am concentrating on the presentation…  even if it is two slides 😉

The perfect answer from my perspective would be a regular webinar (nice PPT, in-depth topic) and a place on Twitter (different window?) where I can see the participants… maybe after the webinar.  But, I will definitely check out other Twebinars… 😉


2 thoughts on “Twebinar – Twitter distraction or useful extension?

  1. Hey there Vanessa,

    Thanks for the feedback on the Twebinar, and thanks for participating. You, in fact, attended our very first try at an audio only Twebinar. All of the ones we have done before have been video ones. We will probably do a mix of different formats in the future. Audio actually removes some of the distractions that video sometimes adds – mainly being able to follow video and stay up on the discussion on Twitter – not everyone can do it easily and often people default just to concentrating on what’s said – or the audio.

    The technologies, Blogtalkradio and Twitter had some hiccups yesterday and in the end the beta Twebinar app also ran into a few issues. Hopefully we can smooth out as much as possible during future twebinars, and pray lots that Twitter won’t be bogged down at the time 🙂

    We also have the ability to have some slides appear during the audio track so we may try that as well on occasion.

    Again, thanks for your feedback.


  2. David,

    Thank you for the comment! I love webinars, and yes, I think Twebinars are interesting (normal webinar does not allow to see the participants). However, I might be a representative of a tiny minority – I do not multitask 😉 During the presentation I actually listen to the presentation and look at tweets later. This might be an unusual approach (or maybe few people are willing to admit it 😉 ).

    Please don’t worry about technical difficulties that might happen when you are attempting something new. Thank you for the information and innovation!!


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