MIMA – Joe Kutchera – Localization and Internationalization – Spanish-Language Markets

dotGlobalJoe Kutchera  gave a very insightful presentation  about developments and challenges of Spanish-language markets.

Ideas from the presentation:

Term “g-commerce” – global e-commerce

Touch of globalization: HomeDepot created a web site in Spanish and took it down after several months. Most of the visitors were coming from the outside of the US and could not purchase anything. Best Buy also has a Spanish language site, where it sees visitors from Latin America who do not necessarily buy; however, some show up in the stores with printouts from the site. Many Spanish language US sites receive significant portion of traffic from abroad.

Where Hispanics live in the US? An interesting advertising campaign – In an Absolute World


The obstacle: Spanish speaking people throughout the world find attractive goods on American web sites (and the goods are cheaper than in their countries); however their credit cards can not be used for purchases and shipping is very expensive if possible at all. But people abroad also want to shop!  Some do purchase and ship the goods to their American relatives addresses (to pick up when they travel to the US).

Global trends

Current map of internet penetration of the world  does not represent population numbers and most common spoken languages.


However, the price of computers is trending down and soon the current “map” will change. At that point different cultures and languages will become more important.

Practical advice: for some businesses specifically targeting people who live in Mexico and coming to the US to shop might be very beneficial.

Joe Kutchera’s company site dotGlobal  is an excellent resource for anybody interested in international e-commerce.

PortadaAnother resource: Portada – Latin advertising, marketing, and media magazine.   The magazine was available at the event.

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