Online Personal and Professional Hubs and Influence of Social Media on Advertising – Social Media Breakfast

As usually phenomenal event  sponsored by PartnerUp  and DeluxeSteve Borsch  (Connecting the Dotspresentation pointed out still new ideas (and tools) on the topic that seemed to be discussed so much.


Steve described the shift of linear thinking to parallel and associative, and showed the most comprehensive “map” of social space I have seen so far.

Other interesting ideas from the presentation:

  • Participation in social networking definitely accelerating; LinkedIn probably benefited from the economy the most 😉
  • 93% of Americans believe a company should have a presence in social media; 85% of Americans believe a company should interact via social media.
  • There is an expectation that a person should have one place – a hub of his or her social activities
  • Think about yourself as a “curator”
  • Blogs are not disappearing – they are becoming mainstream media

Today all media is social and all social is media

Steve Rubel, SVP Edelman and Associates

Digital lifestream aggregators – a new one – posterous


Tim Brunelle  presented a few ideas about influence of social media on advertising. The most surprising for me was a thought that social media is keeping the advertising alive… We often hear that the advertisement is dead (what makes sense), but Tim argued that companies still need to communicate with consumers and the combination of social media and advertisement could produce the best result. Interesting…


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