Cloud Computing Opportunities for Business – Rocking the Cloud – Reside

cloud-computingExcellent event on cloud computing!  Reside was successful in blending the concept of cloud computing for marketers and IT professionals into one event where each group was able to see their aspect of cloud computing advantages.  
Even more information related to online communities and cloud computing can be downloaded from the event’s page.

What I found interesting – marketer’s perspective:

  Implications of cloud computing:

  • Empower access to technology to those with need, not knowhow
  • Greater ability to innovate—the freedom to make mistakes
  • Increased ability to focus precious capital on other needs

The layers of the cloud

Very insightful overview of online communities (an invaluable 34 slides presentation with benchmark data!)   presented by Eric Scheel.

Particularly enlightening – objectives of the communities and which part of the organization needs to be involved. This is the best “answer” to the question of “who owns social media in the organization”

Examples of existing online communities:

Idea Storm (Dell)ideastorm

  • 10,000+ ideas generated
  • 615,000 promotions of ideas
  • 200+ ideas Implemented by Dell
  • Average 10,000 unique visitors/day

Dell’s Breakdown of ideas:

  • 4% innovative
  • 80% improvements
  • 12% unusable

ObamaCitizens’ Briefing Book

  • In one weeks’ time…
  • 125,000 participants
  • 44,000 ideas
  • 1.4 Million votes
  • Briefing Book for President

FICOFICO – Decision Management Community

  • Several thousand members; largest in industry
  • Continual customer contact vs. 2x per year
  • Customers helping each other
  • Sense of “ownership” builds loyalty
  • Integration to CRM -> Lead Capture -> Increased Sales

 stideaMy Starbucks Idea

  • 40,000 ideas in first 3 months
  • Media reports from large newswires, including the New York Times, and Yahoo! News
  • Implementing ideas (Gluten Free Options, and free coffee on Election day.)

A successful community requires a significant philosophical commitment from many levels of the company.

online-community-roles-and-responsibilitiesReside provided excellent explanation of project roles and responsibilities for the community management, the process how ideas should be handled,  and a very practical list of Keys to Success.


 interactive-snackThe Cloud computing event  also set a record for the best breakfast event I have attended so far from the perspective of location, venue, and food. Yes, snack is important, and breakfast provided at the Metropolitan Ballroom  was absolutely spectacular!


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