Online Marketing Summit – Minneapolis

online-marketing-summitMinneapolis part of Online Marketing Summit   was very educational, and I hope this event will come to the Twin Cities area next year too.

The most interesting ideas from the event (in my understanding):

Excellent SEO opportunitiy: video (the competition is not that significant yet). Optimize video (put on YouTube, add to you site, image files, text around, links to the video).

vimeoVimeo – video posting site, which allows customizing anchor tags text links from anybody who embeds your video.

Google-BaseAdd your items to Google Base

Check for duplicate content (tool – )copyscape

Do not forget REL=”Canonical”

Dealing with IT is a sensitive topic… IT can feel that SEO is technical responsibility at which they fail. It is good to start the conversation with a statement that SEO is something most companies are not doing and that SEO is an additional opportunity to help the company to make money.

SEO blog to read 

How to track AJAX and Flash Actions with Google Analytics Event Tracking

301 other domains to your www; 301 passes link ranking.

Absolute links are better for SEO… Ideally, a CMS would use relative on stage and publish absolute links live.

Description is not affecting ranking on Google (but still in Yahoo); careful with pure call to action without relevant keywords…

Tip: if the site has too many pages and optimization of each page title is not possible, insert reversed breadcrumb into title.

More pages on your site, the better page rank you have

Web 2.0 allows to “extend the message to people who has highest propensity to link to us.”

Applying traditional marketing metrics to social media is similar to applying advertising metrics to PR.

Who “owns” social media in the organization?  It depends on the goal…PR? Marketing? Customer service? However, C-level executives needed to be champions.

How to deal with more than one Web analytics packages: decide in advance which package should be used for which data and follow this rule.

Web analytics should be considered as:
strategy > infrastructure > value creation.
Currently 37% of companies don’t have formal strategy for extracting value from data…

Optimization is the reason why you collect data.

Ikea-YouTubeVery good example of YouTube channel – ikea 
Successful videos provide valuable content (job search tips – successful; explanation of how to use job search web site – not successful).

How to find relevant niche community: find niche bloggers – check blog roll.

yacktrackView what is said in comments…


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