Social Media Breakfast – Online Reputation Management

Enlightening event with the presentation that could be considered a treasure of facts and numbers (Wow! 65 slides!)  I wish Greg Swan and Christopher Lower had the rest of the day to continue 😉

The most curious points and links from the presentation:

Free reputation monitoring services:  (try Firefox; issues in IE)  (love it!) (free Tweeter alerts by e-mail) (Google Blog search) ( Comments monitoring)

Paid reputation monitoring services:
          Small business (starts from $18 a months, free trial)
          Enterprise (seems to have free trial)

How to respond to online reputation issues:

  • investigate complains
  • respond at the same site / same platform
  • respond as quickly as possible (after the comment was investigated)
  • you may need legal assistance (make sure legal team has a specialist in the area)
  • host the conversation (complaints on your own site are easier to control – make them possible)
  • make sure your brand is reserved at various sites

Why all of it is necessary?

60% of Americans use social media
85% of Americans say social media presence for a company is not enough; the company should interact with its customers

Social media can amplify poor service very quickly  – FTD’s Mother’s Day Mishap (by TechCrunch)  

70% of global executives fear for their corporate reputations as online risks grow

66% of global executives are either unaware or do not want to admit that employees are badmouthing their companies online

Domino’s case study
The infamous video taken a tall on Domino’s perception – it changed from 81% positive to 64% negative. Cost to Domino is estimated over $50,000,000. Interesting: Domino’s PR agency suggested initially ignoring the video (now Domino has a different PR agency 😉  ).

Domino’s video response

Shevron case study


What did Chevron do when it learned that “60 Minutes” was preparing a potentially damaging report about oil company contamination of the Amazon rain forest in Ecuador?

It hired a former journalist to produce a mirror image of the report, from the corporation’s point of view.

The number of views was much smaller, but – it was an attempt by the company to create its own media.

There are many industry–specific sites featuring reviews

SEO can be a temporary fix to promote positive online reports and push back negative results. But…as soon as the complainer refreshes his or her post – it will move straight to the top. The problem needs to be addressed.

Bacon was sponsored by Concordia University MBA program.  🙂


2 thoughts on “Social Media Breakfast – Online Reputation Management

  1. Hi there!

    Sounds like a great event. I keep hearing about these breakfasts and am going to have to get to one soon. Thanks for sharing the Radian6 shoutout; much appreciated!

    Amber Naslund
    Director of Community, Radian6

  2. I love Radian6!!

    I had a very brief interaction with the company on my previous job, but I was very impressed.

    I heard about Radian6 many times from people in the industry I personally trust. I also tried to promote social media as much as I could on my previous job – I believed (and still do) it would be beneficial for the company.

    Once, I thought, I had an excellent opportunity. The company received some negative publicity and I was tasked with analyzing the web site traffic and interest to the company’s press release. Of course, I could not limit myself to just analyzing a web site (it is not 1999 😉 ). Unfortunately, free tools did not give me that much data… I knew that the information was “out there” and I wanted to show it to the management…

    I called Radian6…

    I received the most spectacular demo of the software capabilities, and the company representative allowed me to take screenshots of the data that I needed to show to the management. The data clearly demonstrated the reaction to the negative and positive events and together with the internal site data allowed me to make some interesting recommendations.

    I suggested Radian6 to my employer, but was laid off a week before the scheduled day of the discussion. I am looking forward to repeat the process with the next company (if it would not be engaged into listening already).

    Thank you for a wonderful demo, which resulted in a nice case study that was helpful for my previous employer. I also use this story while interviewing for my next opportunity :-).

    Yes, Social Media Breakfast is a very good event. If you happen to be in the location where it is held (the organization is international), I would highly recommend to stop by.

    The best wishes!

    Vanessa Bright

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