MIMA – Web analytics for people who hate web analytics

picActually, the event attracted those who love web analytics and everything related to it… and sometimes struggle to show others the beauty behind the data.

The insights that Chris Wexler and Kristen Findley shared were…  “actionable.”  🙂  Though as an analytics enthusiast I was ready to scream “yes!!” after almost every statement, some ideas were refreshing.

New insights (or better arguments to achieve our perpetual objectives):

  • Share analysis with designers… they rarely receive the information how their creations work
  •  How to approach a designer: “I have something that will help you to do cool things”
  •  How can analytics help
    • Executive: help to decide where you should spend budget
    • Designer: where to apply your creative expertise
  • Questions to get business goals from stakeholders:
    • What do you want people to do? (works!! My favorite 😉  )
    • What would it be if we succeed?
    • What would it be if we don’t succeed?

 To attribute costs better, different conversion points can have different values (visit – 1; creating and uploading a video – 10,000)

Web analytics term is too narrow – we should be channel agnostic – “interactive analytics”  is a better term

Chris Wexler demonstrated a wonderful image to illustrate the difference of insight v. data.


Data can sing…

Era of analytics “post” is changing of analytics “pre,” but as before, we can over-rely on analytics.


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