MIMA – Living in the Post-Advertising World

bigspaceshipMichael Lebowitz, CEO of Big Spaceship, addressed the change that brands and agencies experiencing now and offered a few interesting suggestions during May MIMA event. He suggested to “never waste a good crisis” and experiment with new tools and possibilities.

Interesting points from the presentation:

Full service interactive agency may not exist – there are too many services and it is not possible to specialize enough in all of them to perform each service well.

Traditional advertising model is broken – consumer is in control. Advertising is competing not with other advertising but with the life itself; brands need to understand how brand can make consumer life better.

Penguin-DatingExample: Penguin Dating
Instead of creating a totally separate dating web site for book lovers, Penguin   formed a partnership with Match.com what became Penguin Dating.

Strategy is needed; marketers should be aware of “shiny object syndrome” when a particular new technology is used for the sake of the technology itself. Any technology needs to contribute to the business goals of the company.

Thinking about strategies, plan to adapt. Too much change and too many unknown parts that need to be considered.

Recommendations for agencies:

  • don’t concentrate on metrics only
  • focus on culture
  • build things (don’t outsource craft)
  • stay flat (allow some chaos)
  • experiment constantly (not only for clients)

Approach to a projectall functions need to be involved at the beginning to allow collaboration and use of new opportunities. This approach is also helpful for “adopting on the fly.”


Experiment. Try something and see if it works. If it does not, drop it. If it does work, optimize and improve.

QuaptureExample: Qapture  an aggregator of most popular links on Twitter in three categories. Qapture was built in a day and a half by Big Spaceship unrelated to any client requirements.


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