MN AMA and MIMA – Search 101

azul7It was wonderful to see a mixed crowd of AMA and MIMA. The event presented by Azul 7 concentrated on basics of search engine marketing; however, it still had a couple of nuggets that I would like to mention.

Universal search is a known phenomenon, but it was interesting to research Wolfram Alpha (expected to launch in May) and its approach to universal search. Alpha separates the screen into results categories. I wonder how the new categories can be added (when they unexpectedly appear) and how category priority can be managed… I am a little cloudy on PPC opportunity 😉


Search perspective: big brands should not have just one Web site. Yes, I was advocating this approach for a few years, but it was a pleasure to hear much more educated opinion than my own. Different audiences and needs demand different web sites for specific products or services. While the corporate site can certainly serve as a hub, searching and optimizing happens based on clearly defined needs of the target audience. The goal is not demonstrating a company to the world; but making as easy as possible for a qualified prospect to find the solution/information the company provides.

Content optimization – one idea per page.

Creation of pages for specific market/vertical. Somehow I limited this approach to landing pages (PPC or display), but did not think about SEO. It makes perfect sense!


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