Social Media Breakfast – Personal Branding

smbMykl Roventine  gave a wonderful overview of personal branding.  Oh, yes, I will be busy after this presentation… defining and correcting my personal brand online. Now I have an excellent ever-changing “instruction,” but – what is more important – an understanding of the “big picture…” Social Media Breakfast is “must attend” event from my perspective.

Personal brand is important:

  • You want to stand out of the crowd
  • Is your digital footprint exactly what you want to portray?
  • Now is the window of opportunity
  • Yes, you are a brand!

Examples to check:

So, what should you do to build your personal brand?

1. Identify your personal brand

“You are not defined by your job title, and you are not confined by your job description.”  Brand is authentic – what makes you different

  • Goals?
  • Audience?
  • Value of you to others? (if not clear – ask others)

Create a brand statement.

2. How are you branded?  Chose the name (better real name; be consistent)

3. Change all your accounts to the name

4. Change your photos  to one consistent image (that hopefully recognizable)  – get Gravatar

5. Create your brand story

Create a story, which would be easy to add to different accounts and social networks

  • super short
  • short
  • long (a few paragraphs)

Might make sense to ask for proofreading help. Then go back to social media sites and fill out all information (it should be consistent).

6. Create a destination

  • Decide on a destination. Most logical “About” page on your blog.
  • Point everything to this page.
  • Long version of your story should include links to your other networks
  • Make sure that you have simple contact information
  • Fill out your Google profile 

7. Tie is all together – link everything to your destination. Be consistent.

8. Share.

Comment using you first and last name, link to your destination. Thank commenters on your blog.

9. Monitor your brand

Your personal brand is always evolving.

The video from the event was posted on ning.


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