MIMA – David Armano, The future of Advertising

pic-13The event exceeded my expectations… David Armano was able to articulate ideas that I thought were “hanging in the air” for some time, but were still difficult to see. Marketing world is changing and we have no other choice as adapt… or extinct.

Ideas from the presentation:

The most important now is to provide value through function.

Why agencies have challenges:

  • advertising is the creation of the campaign for the mass, while social media is niche
  • agencies have silos – collaboration does not happen
  • many companies are built on large-scale production of banners…

pic-22However, there are changes. Flash microsite is going away… at least from the point of view of the most progressive agencies. The Barbarian Group simplified its web site recently to make it more functional (quite interesting – the portfolio is very functional – it is showing the projects rather than the company’s pic-32

ability in “creativity” of the showing process). The idea is that regular people use the web differently. The site is not going to win a award for the agency, but it is useful and functional for its target audience.

 Agencies are competing with passionate individuals deeply knowledgeable in topics of their interest. Typos do not matter – the passion and expertise attract the niche…

pic-41Example: Ford created a rather simple site, but gave free Fiesta (plus free gas) to several highly influential bloggers. 100 of people who wanted to participate in the Fiesta movement were selected and now THEY produce original content in the introduction of the new model to the public.

 Me-conomy – life around the “me” in social networking; the user is surrounded by his blog, Twitter, Facebook, Delicious, etc.

pic-5Why shouldn’t agencies create products that they can sell?  Not necessarily creating campaigns for clients – but creating apps that will bring money in the future?  Example – IDEO labs. 

Agencies used heavy Flash applications hoping for “engagement…”  But what is engagement?  Leaving a comment on a blog is significantly more “engaging” than waiting for unnecessary animation to load…

The difference: OLD – everything is “thought-through” to the minute detail before launch…  NEW – apps are lunching in beta and modified as needed later – co-created with the users… Product development is mixing with marketing…

Viral video is a gamble – it can not be a part of business strategy.

How the NEW can be approached?  The organizations will need to adapt – and start adapting from the inside.

5 thoughts on “MIMA – David Armano, The future of Advertising

  1. Why do you think it is the case? Why agencies are not using their own tools of trade enough for generating new business? Do you think it depends on type of the agency or the state of the industry?

  2. Vbrights – I think that it’s what we call the “cobblers shoes” syndrome. You focus on clients to the detriment of your own business. Clients always come first and that’s the way we were all trained.
    I think this is the equivalent of corporate ‘me-time’.
    Plus this is a new way of working and there will be new things to learn and old things to un-learn.
    I think it’s more about the type of leadership within the agency rather than the agency type. State of the industry ….. good one. When times are tough we get desperate and having a new business development pipeline is important, so invest in it.

  3. I agree – we will definitely see changes in the agency’s operations and client’s expectations. It will be interesting to watch… However, when the economy improves, the changes would not roll back – we will probably see a jump forward… I am very curious in which direction…

    Thank you!


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