MN AMA – Six Rules to build Internal Buy-in

pic-11The event not only introduced a group of us to Medtronic, but also allowed to learn from successes of great marketing team. The most important revelation for me was the long time and efforts needed to assure buy-in in a large organization, and also the fact that this process worth the struggle.

Tammy Johnson, Senior Global Brand Director, started from recommendation that we need to know our organization and how decisions are made. The speed and acceptance of different decisions may be very different.

Six rules:

1. Know your stakeholders

What are your stakeholders’ issues?  What motivates them?

2. You are a salesperson

  • Selling marketing idea:
  • define roles (who has power?)
  • don’t do it yourself – build champions
  • don’t blame others if they “don’t get it”
  • find words that resonate
  • define your “toll gates” – can not proceed
  • make sure your presentations can be understood without presenting (this is a very useful advice, and hard to do…)

Find more “acceptable” and less “frightening” words:
rebrand > refresh
standards > guidelines
mandate > governance
brand > reputation
corporate > global

3. Spot the similarities

Ask worrying parties to highlight similarities

4. De-risk your boldest innovation

Illustrate your ideas; use stories and prototypes

5. Don’t major in minors (pick your battles)

Would you be fighting for the same thing one year from now?

6. Articulate what the success will look like

No level of communication is enough

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