MIMA – Bob Thacker

Bob Thacker, the legendary person who commissioned ElfYourself.com seem to like to say “yes” to unusual ideas and believes that “it can’t be done” simply means “it has not been done yet.”


Ideas that I found especially interesting:

  • “Elf Yourself” was one of 20 innovative web sites created for the season; only one of the sites was so wildly successful
  • “If you don’t have big bucks, you need big ideas”
  • “Look before you leap, but then leap… do something”
  • After “Elf Yourself” campaign Office Max was more associated with holiday season and considered fun
  • “Don’t make ads – make news!”
  • Fear kills creativity
  • “No true pessimist was a true marketer”

Most of the examples – wonderful, spectacular examples – were still an “advertisement on the next level” – an ingenious methods of attaching a brand to something that inherently has no relation to it.

However, one example seemed different – it was an example of including of marketing into the product development process (what is spectacularly illustrated in Meatball Sundae). The product was specifically created for a certain audience – women – and connection of the product to the promotion was more natural. 

A great quote for our times:

If you can not decide if the glass half empty or half full – order a double.

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