Social Media Breakfast – Community Managers

community2Great conversation! Valuable ideas!

Connie Bensen clarified basic misconceptions (at least in my understanding) and answered questions from the audience.

Notes from the event:

  • What does the community manager do? The community manager helps the community to exist… encourages participation of those who would not do it otherwise…
  • Communities are coming into b-to-b
    • At the top of the sales funnel – education about the field
    • Middle of the sales funnel – specifying product/solution type
    • Client support
  • What a community can do for b-to-b: feedback for product development, QA, PR
  • Social media can also play an internal role of connecting departments and breaking the silos
  • Community manager might be effective in inviting everybody interested in the company and teaching them how to use social tools… key idea – everybody interested, not everybody required…
  • Where is the community belong in the organization?  It depends on the business goals: if the goal is customer care, the call center might be a good place…
  • The dilemma of the time: a community manager might develop strong personal brand while working for a company and then… leave the company. In this case, the company will loose the “brand equity” that the individual has built. Should people develop “company brands” rather than “personal brands’?  From another side – personal brands help companies….
  • Tools (new for me):
  • Social media is not a fad… we are shifting toward knowledge economy and social media is necessary.

2 thoughts on “Social Media Breakfast – Community Managers

  1. I agree, this was a very insightful meeting. However, I missed the value proposition: Corporations promote their values, Employees are communicated their values. What’s the process to define the discussion “communities” values. How can the manager be an asset to developing those values?

  2. I think it is still a historical “work in progress…” At this point, even “being online” in terms of social media is a “statement” from the perspective of the company. Even the presence itself communicates values of transparency (or at least an aspiration) and a desire to listen (what is more likely to be genuine). Probably time will tell… I guess at this point presentations like this are important for all of us not because they will give us answers, but because they will help us to formulate the questions…

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