MN AMA – How Twitter Fits Into Today’s Business

twitterAnother great AMA event with Julio Ojeda-Zapata, Pioneer Press technology editor and author of “Twitter Means Business”

Julio’s book “Twitter Means Business” is the required reading for one of University of Minnesota classes…

Some notes from the event:

  • What is Twitter? Twitter is Web publishing…  Blogging is time consuming, twitter is not.
  •  Twitter is a big water cooler.
  • Twitter is good for meeting new people. Facebook is better to communicate with people you know.
  • Twitter is something new…

Companies on Twitter:twitter-book

  • Comcast is on twitter; the company scans the twits and contact people who are having difficulties with the service. Comcast is “helping itself.”
  • Sears is not on Twitter; unsatisfied customers are free to express their disappointment without any intervention from the company’s side. Sears is “blissfully unaware” about unhappy customers.

Separate Twitter account can be created specifically for press releases – interesting…  and very reasonable.

Company can set up Twitter account to do one thing, but the effort can morph into something completely different…(similar to blogs)

In a company, managing Twitter account has to be somebody’s job…


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