Social Media Breakfast – Irresistibly Delicious

socialmediabreakfastI finally was able to attend Social Media Breakfast – loved it – and immediately registered for the Ning. Great group (part of which I knew already) and exciting topic. This was an anniversary meeting for Social Media Breakfast Minneapolis, and all I was thinking… what took me so long? 

At the time when even BusinessWeek writes “For companies, resistance to social media is futile…”  keeping in touch with the industry becoming more and more important. Even if I don’t completely agree with every point of the article, I am so happy to see it online.

Two little notes from the event:

  • WordPress blogs might be better indexed if they are hosted by WordPress comparing to other blogs… It verifies my preference for blogs hosted in a “proper” blogging neighborhood…  because the purpose of the blog is to be found first, and look/feel/familiar CMS second…
  • People who twit too often may loose their followers… I must admit that I “un-followed” some particularly fruitful twitters in my network too, but have never thought about the issue…

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