MN AMA – Marketing In Today’s Economy

tedThough the topic sounded boring – the last MN AMA event was one of the best I attended and the speaker was simply remarkable.

I was quoting the speaker the very next day on one of the meetings in the office. 

A few ideas from the event:

  •  Today’s economy has different implications for different companies; different demographics and geographic regions experience the downturn differently
  •  Target prospects changed… Financial services companies may not be that attractive…
  • Dynamics of your customers are shifting – markets are shifting – do research…
  • Everything is shifting; however the changes are happening faster than ever. We are experiencing a systemic shift – not just a temporary change during a downturn
  • “Successful companies do not abandon their marketing strategies in a downturn; they ADAPT these strategies”
  • Budget increases now are seen in the interactive and particularly social media (measurable results)
  • Risk aversion is higher in economic crisis; show the buyer how it is less risky to buy from you…  How?
    • Crisp vision
    • Simplify transition
    • Minimize initial investment
    • Help with a solid business case


  • Social media will become the new search
  • Everybody is in media business…  what is your online media strategy?
  • It is about measuring: all marketing programs should be measured

Questions to ask yourself:

  • What are you doing differently?
  • What new ideas are you exploring?
  • What are you measuring?

People who have ideas:seth

Sites where ideas can be found:

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