MIMA – Digital Information Management – Tips, Tricks, and Industry Frustrations

reputationmanagementGreat event on a very important topic! 

Ha!  The event about imact of social media on reputation came with the most magnificent list of Delicious bookmarks, some of them I gratefully bookmarked in my own Delicious account… what was automatically fed into by blog… which can be referenced on Twitter or Facebook in two clicks via AdThis tool… and I can see the free reports of anybody bookmaking my blog in real time… Social media came to life in its best naturally fluid form –  integrated into everything,  inalienable from the interactive landscape, undeniable and omnipresent.  

I know what I am going to do next Sunday afternoon…  another brush-up on social media and reputation management  tools… 🙂

Interesting notes from the event:

  • What is digital reputation management? It could be trust…  or it could be defense… but it is there to exist…
  • Why reputation is so volatile?  We looked at the reputation chart of major corporations – it is very volatile…  Because modern business environment allows everybody to become a journalist and broadcast their opinions.
  • What should be done to combat (or attempt to minimize) the volatility? 
    1. Understanding that companies do not have control anymore
    2. If not engage, at least listen
  • How to listen?  As usually, favorite tools were: Google alerts, Spy (love it!), Twitter search, Technorati, but there are a few more to check on the delicious link 🙂
  • How to respond to negative comments? Hopefully, quickly. Incorrect negative information can spread with surprising speed. 🙂  Delta engages agencies in listening and retains staff who’s job to respond to the comments. 
  • Use of blogs is growing; now 26%  – the power of blogging community rises exponentially. Delta/NothWest merger was communicated simultaneously to media and to leading industry influencers in blogosphere…  “Congressmen read blogs… “
  • You need to influence the conversation earlier… be involved… blogs are great opportunity to spread good rumors when useful for business also.
  • What to do if a mishap happened? BestBuy: apologize quickly; be human. BestBuy accidentally sent a promotion to much more people than it could afford. The mistake was noted on Twitter immediately. CMO admitted a screw-up. Person who managed the promotion was videotaped explaining the situation, what was immediately posted on YouTube. Reaction was good (and immediately visible in social media) – the matter went away quickly
  • Be more proactive to get positive reviews
  • 52 of Fortune 500 are blogging… Blogging issues: too formal is often difficult to organize – failed for BestBuy. However, employees are already blogging, Twittering, etc. BestBuy aggregate the activity and encourages it with a very simple guideline – don’t do anything stupid
  • How to approach social media? First – decide what relationship would you like to have…
  • What if bad publicity happen? Don’t necessarily rush to sue (hm… it is written even in my MBA Business Law textbook 🙂  ). Don’t take bad publicity too personally. Acknowledge the problem (if true) and communicate what you are doing to fix it. MarketingSherpa had an excellent article on the subject 
  • Reputation of the company is defined by its employees
  • Actionable takeaways: listen…  set up your channels/urls…
  • How to convince management in value of at least being aware about online reputation…  Oh, there was no answer to this question pondered by the panel and the audience… only hope “there will be a tipping point…”  This is my hope also… a very sincere hope 🙂

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