MN AMA – Pennies, Pooches, Potatoes and Pitchmen: Bring Your Brand to Life Through Experiential Marketing

Tuesday event by INNOVA Marketing  was a very enlightening presentation that finally clarified in my understanding the essence on experiential marketing. As a person who concentrates on interactive marketing I am usually more energized by case studies from different marketing verticals – these case studies have more “discoveries” and surprising results.

It is important for me to follow new developments in the boundary areas – as we were recommended by a keynote speaker on last AMA conference

Some of case studies presented by INNOVA Marketing:

Promoting OfficeMax new cartridge refill service

The event included 10 models with tattoo-like images of Chicago history painted on their backs. Sales increased 34%

Bringing OfficeMax new brand icon to life – a rubber band ball.

INNOVA found the person who was already working on creation of the largest rubber band ball and helped him to find materials that were needed.  The rubber ball became certified as world’s largest, what caught attention of the media. INNOVA had a few challenges, including how to present the ball as “big;” the ball did not look as impressive even if it was very heavy. The ball was sent “on a tour” to promote the brand.

Mentos – “objective was to drive consumer trial, build grassroots support and position Mentos as an iconic lifestyle brand”

The solution included 111 events in 53 different markets, which involved hired “brand ambassadors” and branded convertibles. INNOVA also created the world’s largest fountain of Mentos and Coke.

Experiential marketing attempts to connect consumers with brands in personally relevant and memorable ways. The alternative term customer-experience marketing emphasises the idea of communicating the essence of a brand through a personalised experience.   Wikipedia  

Why experiential marketing is effective:

  • understanding the best environment to reach the audience (the audience’s everyday events)
  • main ideas – direct interaction with the client
  • efficient to get close to the right customers

INNOVA Marketing noted that revenue impact of their efforts is difficult to measure, because experimental approach is usually working together with other channels. However, INNOVA is very successful to see business growth within the companies that used their services – other departments/products/markets became interested in what their colleagues did with INNOVA.

My note: experiential marketing is understandably partnering with PR. I asked, the company does check the internet for mentions of their activities. However, there is no active efforts to introduce the interactive element from the beginning of the campaign.

Interesting point: would interactive component eventfully come from the PR side, or would it warrant the third partner – purely interactive social marketing firm? Only time will tell, but it is definitely very interesting time in marketing!

Great event!  Great food 🙂


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