MN AMA – Minding Your Business: Profits That Restore the Planet

Minding Your Business: Profits That Restore the Planet – presentation given by
Horst M. Rechelbacher, Intelligent Nutrients

Another exciting event that started with a cup of organic coffee and a variety of other organic breakfast food.

Visiting Intelligent Nutrients headquarters in Minneapolis is a pleasant experience in itself – the space is beaming with energy and very tastefully appointed.

Intelligent Nutrients is a company that provides organic products.

Horst M. Rechelbacher captivated us with his ideas, stories, and quite simple approach to business – that simple approach that is very difficult to implement…

Some ideas from the event:

  • “how to” products versus “me too” products
  • New ideas are bourn in crisis: what consumer is not getting but needs.  Crisis is an opportunity – the new economy will be created.
  • Marketing and Sales need to work together (yes, this is one of very fundamental and known concepts that is so difficult to implement… It is probably similar to a diet – everybody knows what to do, but only few succeed 🙂  )
  • Traditional corporation: difficult to promote new ideas – the boss does not want the opposition
  • cycle

  • Change is coming: brake the rules – define new products
  • Marketing is pure education (particularly for the new products)
  • Eco Chic becomes fascionable. Apple computer is rescycleble; organic jeans now exist as well as bamboo bike… The trend moves from the upper income to the middle income and eventually to the low income consumers.
  • Cradle to Cradle was recommended as one of the best marketing books
  • Buying cars becoming obsolete…  leasing cars and recycling is coming..  Horst is waiting for his new Tesla – an expensive environmentally friendly electric vehicle

An interesting question was asked at the end of the presentation: who are the competitors of Intelligent Nutrients? The unswer was surprising. The real competitors are “green washers” who misrepresent their products as organic. The real competitors (who are producing organic products) are colleagues – companies that advance the acceptance of the new category. Not one cosmetic company tests its products on cellular level…