Books, books, books…

I just finished listening to the last disk of a very insightful book – Black Swan, The Impact of The Highly Improbable. This surprisingly entertaining book did change my perception about our beloved Bell curve and probably cured me from the attempts to predict the future… and feeling guilty when the prediction is wrong. In a wonderful mix of philosophy, statistics, psychology, and very practical business applications the author demonstrated our favorite fallacies… Long live guilt-free tinkering! 🙂

Hm…  I still like Good to Great, but now I have completely different perspective on the business success…

Other books that I recently enjoyed were Necessary But Not Sufficient (yes, The Goal can not be possibly enough for this theory of constraints convert ), Made to Stick (love it!), Speed of Trust (quantifiable measurement of benefit of trust in business setting – very interesting approach), Our Iseberg is Melting and Heart of Change (very inspirational… I must admit I copied a few pages to quote for school papers), Blink (surprisingly useful… I no longer discard my intuition, because I have a sound scientific explanation why it might occasionally work), and Microtrends (not only useful, but highly entertaining and not only for marketers).

Yes, yes, the bookworm…

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