MN AMA – Building Digital Relationships

Building Digital Relationships – unexpectedly enlightening event. I was surprised to see less attendees on the event than last Marketing Mixer with the topic of creating career portfolios… From another side, more marketers are probably preoccupied now with career portfolios than with building digital relationships… Whatever the situation is, many of us who were lucky to attend the event left with a few ideas and discoveries.

Curious: the company changes its identity every 150 days… and believes it is necessary for the continuous evolution. Why 150 days? It is a time a little shorter than 6 months – and software is usually updated every 6 months. World is changing fast… Hm… I am feeling guilty for not posting anything on Twitter last week… 🙂

The current site has 4 versions (can be found after refresh).

Changing web site grows conversions…

“We build digital relationships by telling stories.”

Successful projects:
AMEX is concentrating on mobile (brand extension from web to mobile).
Discovered that high card value customers have i-Phones. Started small. Main question: is the content relevant for the mobile device? AMEX is moving core value to different platforms. Mobile device is used as an account management tool. i-Phone enrollment tripled.

Key messages:

  • test, test, test
  • start somewhere, even if small
  • make mistakes and evolve
  • there is no right way in mobile… yet.

Starz Entertainment

The company started to think about themselves as Starz 2.0 and needed a platform for the future growth. Flashy site, but with though about SEO. Company was happy that “we can do marketing again.” Old Flash-based site that was not searchable was limiting. Site traffic and engagement doubled.

Key messages:

  • continuous evolution on the web
  • measurable
  • cost effective
  • continuous (if built right)
  • get competitive gains FAST

Dairy Queen

The goal was to modernize into a more engaging site.
Site traffic increased 97%, use of store locator increased, number of leads increased 6 times, store locator is available on mobile device. Unexpected result: more people are applying to purchase the franchise – the application is easier to find. Also created children’s game that is comparable in time per visit to main twine sites.

Key messages:

  • even iconic brands have to change
  • sometimes dramatic change is needed

Industry is changing…
GM is now channeling 50% of marketing budget online.
Online starts the campaigns… and other channels follow

Space 150 extensively uses Google analytics for their clients (unless real-time data is needed), builds when warranted external sites on Sharepoint 2007 platform. The agency uses totally different approaches when presenting ideas to IT (from technology perspective) and Marketing (brand, brand, brand.

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