MIMA – Video/Mobile Marketing: from soup to nuts

MIMA – Video/Mobile Marketing: from soup to nuts – great event as usually! 

Interesting…  What video is streamed online the most:

1. News
2. Movie Trailers
3. Armature
4. Music
5. Commercial production by brands…

Armature video more popular what brands are currently trying to produce…  Corporate video is “not there”

Rabbit Hole  

rabbithole on blip.tv - MRM Worldwide

rabbithole on blip.tv - MRM Worldwide

An attempt (MRM Worldwide, not accepted by the client) of a viral video.

The video was not accepted because the creative brief specified that the video had to be funny. Company believed that only funny videos become viral.

The companies should be more “open to discover.”  The video was touching and impressed the reviewers, but it was not funny…

If the client liked the draft, the video could be improved by cutting it down in time.

– “don’t over think it” – the agency asked around the office who had memories about Nesquick or similar drinks. One of the stories was very touching and became this video.
– Don’t take the bad idea in the brief
– Try to convince the client to be “cool”
– “It” should not server the brand, “it” should be something for the person.

The bigger the company, the more difficult it is to satisfy all the stakeholders.

An interesting (and bold) attempt of 3M to promote one of its products to a young audience… 

Focus groups with young people were conducted and their perception of the brand changed to more positive than just: “oh, this is a sticky note maker…”

However, there is no 3m brand on the micro site…. Only product brand…. 🙂

Good point: video is not good for everything…  similar to other interactive channels, it should be used when it makes sense 🙂

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