MN AMA – Explore Minnesota—How to Rebrand and Market the State


As usually, very informative event for marketers not only in travel industry… Actually, the benefit from looking at other industries is significant: it opens the eyes to the possibilities not limited by the “home industry” perspective.  Check a great description of the project and the speaker on the MN AMA web site.

Interesting points from the event:

  • The start: research. What does the traveler want?  Where the traveler finds the information?
  • Traditional approach of sending brochures still has a place, but…
  • The research showed that the traveler prefers to receive the information from the internet; the traveler wants to be inspired, to be informed (in an authentic way), and to talk to other travelers.
  • Rebranding Minnesota concentrated on the web site with features that travelers wanted; all traditional advertisement lead prospects to the site
  • Consumer – generated content is used very successfully and seeded on other social media video sites
  • Most people love to view video, but not necessarily upload it

Examples of viral videos (very entertaining!!!) 🙂

The site owners try to make sure that videos are less than two minutes long.

The project of rebranding Minnesota exceeded more than twice its plan on web site traffic increase, and achieved significant increase in inquiries. The advertisement on the site was quickly sold out.

Interesting question from the audience: was the change initiated internally, or did it come from an agency’s advice? The realization that the change needed came internally; the RFP to search for agencies to execute the new direction included description of the new point of view.

The understanding of the change came from research.


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