MDMA – Conference – It’s a Brave, New Marketing World

MDMA conferencewas enticing enough to attend, and the event did not disappoint my expectations.

I must admit that John Sweeney, the keynote speaker was spectacular. I don’t have much interest in theater as a art form, but this presentation was the most memorable, and I would say one of the most useful. It opened my eyes on value of idea generation… and power of no fear of rejection. If the ideas are criticized before they leave the mouth of their creator…  not much will be shared…  Hm…  Interesting…  I also experienced the “removal of constrains” myslef…  very interesting… 🙂

Other little notes from the conference:

  • Retail: web site can be similar to the layout of the store to help customers fining what they need
  • E-mail (or other channel) – paying attention on opt-outs. Why do they leave?
  • “multi-channel customers” might like to purchase through multiple channels
  • Telemarketing is the method of marketing the most disliked by US adults
  • Segmenting messaging can increase response rate three times
  • Initial customer segmentation may not be based on data…  but rather industry/company structure or tradition… Oh, yes… 🙂



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