MIMA – Analytics and Search Behind the Scenes

As usually – great eventExcellent speakerWonderful breakfast!  Yes, you can spot me on one of the pictures by the pile of fruit 🙂

The podcast and presentation is already available online – I highly recommend!!

So, what did I learned about Analytics and Search? 

Search Analytics basics:

  1. Understand you business goals
  2. Do PPC as market research against a
  3. Transaction site/landing page with a
  4. Web Analytics/Tracking system installed that
  5. Tracks conversions by keyword, by category, by campaign to
  6. Established a baseline conversion rate

Online is just a piece of overall marketing – avoid online industry myopia

Integration usually works best

  • PPC and SEO
  • Search plus other online
  • Offline plus online
  • WOMMA is always the best

Interesting recommendations:

  • in b-to-c track lifetime value by keyword (some keywords will result in several purchases)
  • in b-to-b assure integration with sales automation
  • in b-to-b if somebody filled out a form (we can see from which organization), buy list of that organization’s contacts and send mail/e-mail
  • Tradeshows: pre-show microsite and post-show microsite
  • Web forms – different phone # per campaign for tracking
  • For the lead gen forms callers convert at higher rate than people who filled out the form – make incentive to call
  • Use chat to drive conversions (people are more comfortable – seems less intrusive)
  • Test ads in electronic media cheaply: TV on YouTube, print as online ads; use winning creative
  • Pay attention to universal search – tag video
  • For regulated industries: careful with outsourcing of lead gen if you pay the affiliate on per-lead basis; affiliate might misbehave and liability is yours

I also wrote down a podcast URL to try http://dailysearchcast.com/

Yes, cross-channel conversion tracking was mentioned…  but I will see it probably in my dreams only (and on industry events) over next several years 🙂

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