Meatball Sundae

Meatball Sundae by Seth Godin

Yes, I attended the Webinar where the author described his ideas, and yes, I read the book, and I love these ideas!

Yes, absolutely, marketing must be a part of the business itself rather than afterthought. Big marketing ideas are now reserved for the creation of products and services, rather than promoting existing products to possible consumers. I think I could sense it but could never articulate before…

Seth identifies new marketing trends:

  • direct communication and commerce between producers and consumers
  • amplification of the voice of the consumer and independent authorities
  • the need for the authentic story as the number of sources increases
  • extremely short attention span due to clutter
  • the long tail
  • outsourcing
  • Google and the dicing of everything
  • infinite channels of communication
  • direct communication and commerce between consumers and consumers
  • the shift in scarcity and abundance
  • the triumph of big ideas
  • the shift of “how many” to “who”
  • the wealthy are like us
  • new gatekeepers, no gatekeepers

Explanation of each is wonderfully vivid and entertaining and usually. 

The only one different thought that I have is the term “new marketing.” I don’t think we should consider these changes “a new marketing.”  We are probably just discovering marketing and what it could be. Customer changed. Business and Marketing should follow.  

Everything makes sense in my favorite definition of marketing is: marketing is just a customer focused business.

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