MIMA – The Age of Participation: Transforming the Nature of Brand Relationships

Rachael Marret – MRM Worldwide,

Great Event – highly recommend checking out the podcast, even if it won’t be able to convey the images, the spirit of the even, interesting conversation, and, oh, the food! 🙂  The podcust and pictures are already posted on the site.  Ha! You can spot my very photogenic back on one of the pictures 🙂

The age of the participation – consumers expect brands to behave in a certain way.  “The balance of power” between the brand and consumer.

Consumer expectations:

  • loyalty paradigm is inverting: consumers expect brand to “be loyal,” to assure consumer’s privacy.
  • Consumers expect transparency
  • Consumers are “self-servicing” their way to brands

Marketing need to behave differently:
Before – “What does the brand wants to say”
Now – “How the brand allows consumers to participate”

We need to get beyond “engagement” to “participation;” participation has higher emotional bond.

Participation enabling tools:

  1. creativity
  2. community
  3. collaboration
  4. culture

Some of the examples:
http://www.msdewey.com/ – which takes too long to load on my home computer 
Famous Evolution video (yep, it is YouTube – blocked at most businesses)

How do we measure participation?

Participation – proxy of consumer value. There are more passive users than active users. Level of participation can be used for consumer segmentations.

The most poignant quote from the presentation, I think is this one:

“It is not about Web 2.0, it is about consumer 2.0”


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