BtoB Magazine – September 10, 2007

The most interesting section of the magazine was 10 Great Web Sites.  Yes, they are great.  Yes, they are useful.  Yes, they are b-to-b. 

What is interesting, and obvious, is the desire to make the site suitable for the user and, at the same time, don’t forget about the business goal of the site.  These sites were changed after researching the target audience, building personas, studying focus group results, and analyzing traffic patterns on the site.  This approach takes time to develop, but it gives results. 

The recommendation is clear “Don’t use Flash or video unless it serves a specific purpose.”  How true… How true…

My favorites:
“We’ve organized the site based on the business issues that people are worried about or experiencing.”
… extensive usability studies and creation of seven different personas
National Semicondusctor performs extensive focus group research, as well as ranking and blind studies, at least once a year, and uses that information to develop site tools.


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