MN AMA – Fall Networking Ideas

MN AMA has quite useful, entertaining, and very tasty networking events.  The latest one, beside the food and drinking tickets, had a very short presentation by Rob Dewey.  The speaker’s topic concentrated on effectiveness of business visualization.  I did not expect much I did not know (of course, the visualization is vital), but the presentation was surprisingly interesting.  And two ideas from the presentation kept me thinking for several days after the event:

  1. Rob Dewey mentioned that consultants are often hired not to generate an idea, but to promote an existing idea within the organization.  What an interesting perspective!  I guess, it makes my own struggles everywhere where I worked understandable.  People who are high enough in the organization to have a consultant budget are struggling with internal promotions…  What can be expected from an average marketer?  I was always hopeful, and some of my ideas were implemented successfully, but…  I don’t feel guilty for all ideas that I could not “sell.”  I feel so excused!  🙂
  2. The speaker also mentioned that sketches are more inviting for additional suggestions than higher quality images…  This is interesting…  If we need to showcase something and invite suggestion for improvement of a maybe half-baked idea, a sketch would be a better approach.  I will definitely remember that.

Oh, and one day I will learn to limit myself to no more than three plates of free food per networking event.


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