Marketing News – September 1, 2007

As usually, Marketing News was an interesting read.  Some of curious articles (from my perspective):

MySpace Your Space (page 22).

Folks, we are not alone “out there” searching for the business goal before attempting to execute the next interactive innovation.  According to Forrester, we are in a good company of CMOs and other marketing souls who have not learned to connect business goals with web innovations yet.  I can not resist from quoting this article:

From CMOs of major corporations through marketing staff at all levels, exchanges like this are typical:

CMO: “I think it’s time our company started building a community.”

Forrester: ”Why?”

CMO: “Our competitor started one.”

Forrester: “OK.  What’s you goal in starting this community?”

Long silence…

Forrester: “Are you more interested in a community for listening to what your customers are saying, or for influencing them?”

CMO: “I’m not sure.  What do you think? Oh, and our CEO is thinking of starting a blog.  What do you think of that idea?”

Forrester: “What the goal of the blog?”

More silence…

The article suggests 5 primary goals that companies successfully pursue in the social marketing world, and the recommendation is simple: “Unless you pursue social marketing with a specific goal, you will fail…. It is progress toward that goal that you should measure.” 

How easy to see!  How difficult to practice! 🙂

Open Sesame (page 5). Now Wednesdays and Thursdays are considered the best for e-mail marketing, and my beloved Tuesday is even less recommended than Friday…  eROI that provided the data discovered that most messages sent during business hours are read at 11 am and at 4 pm. 

Not surprising…  I also have been having lunches with a couple particular newsletters that come daily at exactly 11 am 🙂  What do they have for breakfast?  eMarketer and iMedia Connection are prime candidates…

Other interesting tidbits:

  • Fresh Direct – and internet-only grocer discovered that the most popular item on its web site is One-Click recipes that allow users to order delivery of all necessary ingredients of the recipe in one click.
  • Bagged greens market is growing steadily, but the customers are using the products not just to make salad.  We can probably expect more advertisement for innovative uses of bagged greens.
  • Executives are particularly attuned to word of mouth (which has twice as much influence on their decisions than advertising) and prefer to have their conversations in person. 
  • Marketing to baby-boomer-woman is becoming an interesting niche.  Check out the boomer blog – it is very useful and has some research for download that we can borrow when necessary.  I also read the book – loved it!
  • “Looking at the future of Multicultural Marketing – Traditional Direct Mail Prevails.”

Marketing News is a publication of American Marketing Association and available to members of the organization. 


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