MIMA salon – Designing for an Uncertain World

As usually, MIMA salon was wonderful… and tasty.  Somehow there is not enough time in the evening to talk with all acquaintances in the audience, find a person from another business unit of the same company, and get the second plate of food.  🙂

Importance of the experience… 

From the words of Steve Jobs, we could see that solution of the problem seems simple at first.  Then, developing the solution, we realize how complex it is.  However, we should not sacrifice user experience while we are dealing with complexity…

Every technological solution consists of data, logic, and user interface. 

Experience one

However, for the user, everything beside the user interface is… irrelevant.

Experience two

Sometimes, when the solutions are designed, their internal pieces, irrelevant to the user, break through to the user experience, where they are not needed and even damaging.

Experience three

The solutions should concentrate on satisfying the user need, they should be designed “from outside in.” 

Experience four

What a great and understandable concept!  At the same time, this concept is so difficult to promote in corporate setting… 

Some of the examples used to illustrate the concept were very thought-provoking.  Listen to the podcast, it worth it.  For most of us, the presentation did not convey anything new, it just emphasized the known truths, the truths that are so difficult to explain to others, promote, and implement.   Oh, we are still at the stage of adding features… 🙂


  • iPod – less features than previous MP3 player, but gives users all they need and becomes wildly successful
  • VCR – too complex to use all features – most are not necessary
  • Microsoft – Office 2003 – many features; Office 2007 – less features and more user-friendly
  • Adaptive Path a unique approach to creation of a medical device…

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