BtoB Magazine – August 13, 2007

Very insightful information!

Stark contrast in use of new media between b-to-b, b-to-c companies (page 1).  B-to-b marketers paying more attention to the new media than I honestly thought… Curious – marketers still use the e-mail for demand generation… though I read many opinions that it is more of a retention, lead nurturing, and up-sell channel…  B-to-c marketers are happier with social networks than b-to-b marketers (understandable).  Measuring of the new media effectiveness for b-to-b – downloads of white papers  🙂

Weight of the words (page 16).  Even if any of us could find an ocean of information about SEO and SEM in our own heads, there is always something to gain from a new article.  Some of useful suggestions:

  • placing branded words into their own buckets (they convert better)
  • creating classification of keywords that that mirrors buying cycle
  • and the most straightforward that is so difficult to implement – clearly defining goals for each step of the buying cycle. 

The magazine has descriptions of several wonderful integrated (presumably) campaigns.  Great case studies for ideas to take to the office on Monday 🙂

Other interesting tidbits: