Marketing News – August 15, 2007

 As usually, Marketing News was an interesting read.  Some of curious articles (from my perspective): 

Max out the full value of “thank yous”  (page 26).
This issue had my favorite section: an advice on marketing careers.  The advice was simple and easy to follow – we should thank those who help us along our career path…. they may do it again…

Who ditched ethics 101? (page 3).
Whole Foods Market Inc. CEO John Mackey posted negative comments about its business rival in Yahoo!’s chat room.  He did it anonymously over last eight years. Mackey apologized to stakeholders.  This tiny article is rather amusing: how anybody can think that anonymous postings would not be eventually discovered (if somebody else would really want to do it)?   🙂

Go along for the ride (page 9).
Though the topic is rather boring for me personally – sports marketing – the idea is very useful and can definitely be utilized for b-to-b.  A cycling event was promoted with a very innovative web site accompanied with a downloadable companion toolbar.  The toolbar provided instant access to feeds, audio, and the site.  The cost of the site, toolbar, and their maintenance was around $100,000.  I wonder, however, why not use a widget (sometimes called BDA)?

Marketing Management – July/August 2007

As usually, quite a few articles I enjoyed. Marketing Management is a magazine available for members of American Marketing Association.

Particularly interesting articles:

Reaping Rewards (page 14). This insightful article describes a very successful move of a large casino company. The company concentrated on its most valuable customers by utilizing CRM system to it full potential. A new COO from outside the industry changed the culture (by firing “practically the entire corporate marketing department” – ouch!), revamped incentive system and made other radical changes.

Widening the Moat (page 35). An argument that brands should be treated as assets and discussion of its difficulty.

The Golden Rules (page 40). Seven rules for approaching marketing research with lovely examples – great to read. Somehow, I believe I saw these rules in my research textbook, but the magazine is much more attractive comparing to a school textbook 🙂

Saving the World With Cause-related marketing (page 48). Great explanation of cause-related marketing also abbreviated as CRM. The article includes interesting statistics, description of experiments and so much loved “lessons learned” section.